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Unmatched fire resilience

Unmatched fire resilience

4 in 1 benefits : fire safety

Put simply, rock won’t burn. That’s why ROCKWOOL stone wool products have naturally occurring and unmatched fire resilience qualities that will improve the fire resistance of any construction.

Creating safer buildings

Produced using the same process that occurs at the heart of a volcano, ROCKWOOL stone wool tolerates temperatures of up to 1000°C before its fibers start melting. It therefore provides vital fire protection in buildings and homes, keeping people safe, as well as minimising damage to valuable assets.

A first step to fire protection

There are several measurements that can be taken to improve the fire safety of a building, including the installment of essential smoke detectors, smoke control devices, fire alarms and sprinkler systems. These are all excellent tools to increase fire safety but to minimize the damages the installment of stone wool insulation is an important first step to effective fire protection..

ROCKWOOL stone wool products are designed to remain stable when exposed to burning hot flames, helping to maintain the building’s structure and buying valuable time for people to safely escape.

Fire protection applications

ROCKWOOL fire protection has multiple applications and acts as an effective fire barrier in the following ways:

  • Between rooms and roof spaces
  • As a fire shield for structural steel members
  • As a fireproof cover for hot industrial process pipes and ducts
  • As a fire-safe core for sandwich panel constructions

One of multiple benefits

Even if not used primarily for fire protection, due to its non-combustibility, ROCKWOOL insulation does not fuel or spread the fire, do not create burning droplets or particles and will not contribute any significant toxic smoke, making it a great way to improve the safety of occupants and rescuers, as well as protect property and belongings. ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation however is not used solely for fire protection. Installing the right insulation products is also an excellent way to improve the thermal and acoustic performance of a building.