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The sustainable choice

The sustainable choice

4 in 1 benefits : sustainability

ROCKWOOL insulation does not only help creating sustainable buildings; it is made from a natural material and produced in a sustainable way too.

Rock: A natural, renewable resource

All ROCKWOOL products are made from stone wool – consisting of a blend of naturally occurring volcanic diabase rock. This stone is a renewable and plentiful natural resource in itself, but just as importantly our high-tech production process ensures that all our insulation products are produced in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

Major energy savings

One of the best ways to reduce the energy consumption of a building is through proper insulation. ROCKWOOL stone wool products are a major energy and CO2saver, as they allow new and existing buildings to benefit from durable, efficient and versatile thermal insulation. Actually the energy savings obtained from installing the right insulation will outweigh the energy consumption used for its production in just a few months time. 

In most cases properly installed insulation can cut the building’s energy need for heating or cooling of up to 70-90 %. In addition, ROCKWOOL insulation works continuously and requires no maintenance or replacement. In other words, it’s an investment, which will quickly pay off!

Recycling stone wool

Throughout the years, we have made recycling a key part of our business and today more than 75 % of our stone wool waste is recycled. Next to this, we offer recycling services in selected countries for cut-offs to refurbishment and demolition waste, which is combined with residue material from other industries, and processed into new stone wool. We are happy to know that the ROCKWOOL process is helping solve an expensive waste problem and at the same time reduce the consumption of virgin material. 

4 in 1 benefits

ROCKWOOL insulation has performed to the same high standard for decades. In addition to the excellent thermal properties, ROCKWOOL products also boast unmatched acoustic and fire performance.