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Why you need to insulate in hot climate?

Why you need to insulate in hot climate?

Energy efficient buildings

Energy efficiency simply means using less energy than previously used in order to accomplish the same tasks, whether at home or the workplace. Using energy more efficiently may also result in paying lower energy bills, yet being able to get the same amount of work done.

Roofing system in hot climate

Regardless of building types, roof systems can function as a space that provides essential insulation to prevent heat gain into the building. Getting the design of the roof and the rest of the building envelope right will give the greatest benefits in terms of reduced energy use.

Affordable houses in Asia suffer from a high level of heat build-up; on sunny days roof temperatures can go up to 70°C. Without insulation the extreme heat can penetrate the building and transform it into a very uncomfortable sweatbox.

To support these aspects, highly efficient roof insulation is required to minimize building heating and cooling. Such high performance roofing systems may also extend a building’s service life.

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