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ProRox BL 960-SA

ProRox BL 960-SA (Old Grade: RockTech B650) is a Blanket type product used in thermal insulation of non-vibrating industrial equipment’s where temperatures can be up to 650 deg Celsius.

ProRox BL 960-SA (Old Grade: RockTech B650) Blanket comply with the requirements as set by internationally recognized standards like ASTM C553 Type I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII.

ProRox BL 960-SA


Properties Description Norms
Nominal Density 100kg/m3 ASTM C167
Max Service Temperature 650°C ASTM C411/C447
Reaction to Fire EuroClass A1 EN13501-1
Reaction to Fire Surface burning characteristic; Flame spread = Passed, Smoke development = Passed ASTM E84
Chloride Content Less than 10 ppm ASTM C871
Chloride Content Conforms to the stainless steel corrosion specification as per ASTM C795 ASTM C692/C871
Moisture Absorption Less than 1% weight ASTM C1104/C1104M
Water Absorption Less than 1kg/m2 EN 1609

Thermal Conductivity

Mean Temperature (°C ) 50 100 150 200 250 300 Norms
λ(W/mK) 0.041 0.049 0.057 0.066 0.074 0.083 ASTM C177


Product ID Product Name Density (Kg/m3) Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Piece/Pack
202594 ProRox BL 960-SA 100 50 600 5000 1
220426 ProRox BL 960-SA 100 75 600 2500 1
202593 ProRox BL 960-SA 100 100 600 2000 1