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ProRox WM 950-SA

ProRox WM 950-SA is a lightly bonded stone wool mat stitched on galvanised wire mesh using galvanised wire.


ProRox WM 950-SA is a lightly bonded stone wool mat stitched on galvanized wire mesh using galvanized wire. The wired mat is suitable for thermal and acoustic insulation of industrial applications reaching high temperatures, such as industrial pipe work, boilerwalls, furnaces and smoke ducts.


ProRox WM 950-SA Wired Mats comply with the requirements as set by internationally recognized standards like CINI 2.2.02 and ASTM C592 Type I,II and III.

ProRox WM 950-SA


Properties Description Norms
Nominal Density 80kg/m³ ASTM C167
Max Service Temperature 650°C ASTM C411/C447
Reaction to Fire EuroClass A1 EN13501-1
Reaction to Fire Surface burning characteristic; Flame spread = Passed, Smoke development = Passed ASTM E84
Chloride Content Less than 10 ppm ASTM C871
Chloride Content Conforms to the stainless steel corrosion specification as per ASTM C795 ASTM C692/C871
Moisture Absorption Less than 1% weight ASTM C1104/C1104M
Water Absorption Less than 1kg/m² EN 1609

Thermal Conductivity

Mean Temperature  (°C ) 50 100 150 200 250 300 Norms
λ(W/mK) 0.038 0.046 0.053 0.062 0.071 0.080 ASTM C177


Product ID Product Name Density (Kg/m3) Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Roll/Pack
214509 ProRox WM 950-SA 80 50 600 5000 1
220401 ProRox WM 950-SA 80 75 600 2500 1
214517 ProRox WM 950-SA 80 100 600 2000 1