Double Brick Cavity Wall

Double brick cavity wall gives better performance in thermal, acoustic and rain water penetration as compared to conventional single skin brick wall construction.

To External Walls

Double brick cavity wall consists of two layers of brick with a cavity in between separating the two leaves of masonry bricks. Sometimes, concrete blocks are used instead of bricks and the two leaves are tied together with a masonry wall tie.

As brick is an absorbent material, it can draw rainwater or moisture into the construction. Hence, the cavity serves as drainage to protect the construction from the external elements.

Installing insulation in between would provide protection from external heat, noise and condensation control thus reducing your electrical bills.

Effectively reduces heat 

Cool ’n’ Comfort SL  stone wool is the ideal insulation solution for Double Masonary Wall. The insulation, it effectively reduces heat gain from the building envelope. With the water repellency properties of the insulation, rain water penetrating through the outer masonry leaf can be repelled from the surface of the insulation and discharged through the weep holes at the damp proof course layer. High moisture and humidity will not affect the thermal properties as it is highly breathable

Non-combustible insulation

With the industrial processes and the need for fire safe construction in warehouses, Cool ’n’ Comfort SL is able to achieve the highest fire classification in EN13501-1 and is classified as non-combustible, class A1 insulation, contributing to the overall performance of a fire safe building

Insulate against noise

To address noise control from industrial activities, Cool ’n’ Comfort SL provides an excellent noise insulation solution to reduce the noise attenuation from indoor activities to the outdoor of the industrial building; meeting local environmental noise requirements. It has excellent sound absorption properties with NRC up to 1.0 at different thicknesses


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