Single Skin Metal Wall

Single skin metal wall is a cost efficient wall system where performance requirements for the wall system is moderate.

To External Walls

The system consists of profiled metal wall sheets typically fixed onto the structural metal portal frame. Single skin metal wall is commonly used in industrial buildings and warehouses where indoor areas are usually not air conditioned. Hence, insulation is critical to blocked off external heat coming into building and reducing your electrical bills.

Effectively reduces heat 

Cool’n’Comfort SL stone wool is the ideal insulation solution for single skin metal wall. With the insulation supplied in long lengths for the external wall, it effectively reduces heat gain from the building envelope. Cool’n’Comfort SL insulation is specially designed to meet the requirement of ASTM C665 for use in light frame wall construction.

Non-combustible insulation

For a robust construction, additional steel mesh is recommended on the inside of the building to hold and provide protection to the insulation. With the industrial processes and the need for fire safe construction in warehouses, Cool’n’Comfort SL is able to achieve the highest fire classification in EN13501-1 and is classified as non-combustible, class A1 insulation, contributing to the overall performance of a fire safe building

Insulate against noise

To address noise control from industrial activities, Cool’n’Comfort SL with single skin metal wall system provides an effective noise insulation solution to reduce the noise attenuation from indoor activities to the outdoor of the industrial building; meeting local environmental noise requirements. Cool’n’Comfort SL  has excellent sound absorption properties with NRC up to 1.0 at different thicknesses


Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

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